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Eye care is our specialty. Consistent and excellent customer service is our passion.

When you step into a Better Vision store, you will quickly see why tens of thousands of our customers have trusted their eye care health with our optometrists and why they return to us to continue caring for their eyes.

With over 20 years of providing exceptional eye care experience, we offer skilled optometrists dedicated to matching you with an eye care solution that will fit your needs, world-class technology and equipment, and a wide range of affordable and high quality lenses, glasses and frames.


Trusted Experts for Your Eyecare

You can be confident that your eyes will be in good hands when you visit Better Vision.
All of our optometrists are committed to helping you look after your eyes for many years to come. Our people will explain to you what they identify during an eye examination and which eye care solutions will help you care for your eyes.
After all, you only get one pair of eyes for life, so we do all we can to show you how you can protect your vision.


Get A Better View With World-class Technology

We use world-class technology and equipment to diagnose your eye care health.
Why does this matter?
By using the most advanced and latest technology and equipment, you can be assured that you will get high-accuracy test results that enable our optometrists to recommend solutions that enhance, yet nurture, your eyes.

Affordable and great quality products you’ll love to wear

You’ll find a wide variety of designer labels and affordable eye care products at Better Vision to match your face shape and your budget.

We stock many brands, colours and frames and we’re constantly expanding our collection by bringing in new brands and latest season releases.

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